Dear customer,

It is with great pleasure, we can announce that ELOGIC A/S and Triax Systems
A/S merge.

On the 1st of May 2016 we become one company and change name to
Elogic Systems A/S.

We gather strong competences, knowhow and professionalism in a new bigger and
stronger company. This is a positive development which will be of benefit to
our customers and partners.

For you as a customer the merge will not mean many practical changes. Our
customer relations managers and products will be the same as up to now.
Therefore it will be business as usual.

There will only be a few practical changes such as contact information and new

At the same time, we will be updating our ERP-system and if it should give rise
to questions you will naturally get the necessary help. Of course you can
expect the same safety in the new company as at Triax Systems A/S and ELOGIC

Two strong foundations and new synergy

For Triax Systems A/S and ELOGIC A/S the merge means that we will build on top
of two strong foundations and exploit the synergy between the two companies.

ELOGIC A/S has more than 40 years of experience in projecting, producing,
setting up and service electric boards for the industry and electrical
contractor, and together we have strong products which compliment each other.

The merge will strengthen our skills and knowhow. We will still focus on
production, product development, innovation and especially the development of
our talented employees.